About Us

Robot-Booth-and-Robot-Booth-White-website-1 About Us

Robot Booth is a photo booth rental company that services special events in Atlanta and across the Southeast. We offer custom photo and video activations for when quality and experience matters.

Our solutions encourage user interaction and inspire brand engagement. With only the best innovation, team, training, and equipment, we can help you make your event a success with creative technology.


We are the only photo booth that is designed by a photography graduate. His take, the Robot Booth, focuses on quality. Using many of years of lighting study and numerous photography secrets, in addition to high end components, the Robot Booth makes you look better and feel better.

We code our own software and build our own booths. We are not a franchise but instead enjoy our uniqueness.

It’s really hard to explain how the Robot Booth works so we made the video above.

It’s impossible to explain how it makes you feel.

Call us and we can invite you to our next public showing. 770-876-9248

robotbooth About Us