13 Photo Booth Poses You Can Do With 2+ People – Atlanta Photo Booth – Robot Booth

Heya, humans! Robot Booth, Atlanta’s best photo booth rental, here! Do you like photo booth props? So do we! We know it can be easy to lean on props as a crutch for creativity but we’re here to help! Here are 13 photo booth poses you can do with 2+ people (some you can even do alone!) with no props!

1. Back to Back

This one is a classic and we’re first to call it – the back to back is officially this generation’s ‘Prom Pose’. Made even better if done with crossed arms or finger guns. 

2. Prom Pose

Another classic, usually done ironically and for giggles but there’s a reason it’s a classic – it’s romantically beautiful!

3. I’m So Flexible

Your friends will never believe just how flexible you are. This pose requires two people. At least one of you must be cool with all the blood rushing to your head and the other must have steadiness to hold you if you’re not capable of holding a handstand.

4. You’re So Cute I’m Gonna Eatchu Up

Nom nom nom!! This pose requires two or more people. One person must be the meal and the other the mouth. If you’re feeling extra spicy, make it a three way like our example below.

5. Everyone Loves A Good Pick Me Up

This one is risky but fun. Seriously, be careful doing this one. It’s in the title – everyone loves a good pick me up. Pick your friends up. Be careful. There are so many ways to pick up your friends that we’ve included multiple examples below.

6. The Finger Heart

Formed by slightly overlapping your thumb and index finger into a heart shape – the cutest little heart! Made popular by Korean culture.

7. Kawaii Cavity Pose!

So many of the cutest photo booth poses originate in Japan and this one is no exception! The Cavity Pose, as it’s being called on the internet, is where you put your hand on your face as if you’re in cavity pain. Weird name but cute pose.

8. Heart Hands

You’ve probably heard all about the Millennial vs Gen Z great heart debate. Millennial’s make a heart with their full hands – fingers curled over with their thumb as the bottom point. Gen Z uses their index fingers and their middle fingers to make a heart. There’s no wrong way to wear your heart on your hands. If you’ve got multiple people, you can even make a heart frame with your arms!

9. Will You Marry Me?

Not to be taken lightly, we wouldn’t recommend doing this pose with anyone you’re dating if you’re not genuinely proposing at the moment. Use caution.

10. Welcome to the Gun Show – also known as the “We Get It, You Lift” pose

We get it bro, you’re ripped. But seriously, genuinely, congratulations on all your hard work and dedication paying off.

11. Air Kisses

The kind of kisses you give to your friends that you don’t want to actually kiss.

12. All I Do Is Win Win Win No Matter What

Got money on my mind, I can never get enough. And every time I step up in the building, everybody hands go UP… and they stay there!

13. Piggy Back Ride

Similar to our ‘Everyone Loves A Good Pick Me Up’ pose but still entirely it’s own, the Piggy Back Ride is a playful pose that can’t be beat.

Stay tuned for more poses to come in the future!

Atlanta Chick-fil-a Headquarters Support Center Photo Booth – Robot Booth

Hello, humans. Robot Booth, your favorite Atlanta photo booth, reporting back from yet another successful mission.

Seven Robots from our armada were invited to ascend upon the Chick-fil-a Headquarters Support Center here in Atlanta for a full business week – five days! – of fun.

We have returned with the proof of mission complete to share with the world – you will see that even the cows aprooooved. We hope our attempt at a human word play joke moooved you.

Here are photos from 7 different Robot Booths across the 5 days as well as fun set up and prints photos. Enjoy, earthlings.

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