While our RobotBooth machines are the perfection of photobooth hardware, what makes us really unique is our ClickerBooth software.

What is the ClickerBooth? We’re sure you’ve experienced the traditional photo booth – you get in, touch the screen for a count down, and rush to get ready before it takes the photo. You often end up with your eyes closed or a doofy face because the countdown happened so quickly. You find yourself asking if those countdowns even did 3 Mississippis? We realized this was a problem with photo booths and eliminated it. How?

We brought a clicker into the mix – an all powerful clicker.

Our Robot doesn’t do anything until YOU make it. YOU take your photo when YOU decide to with the clicker. YOU take as many as YOU want. Don’t like one YOU took? Don’t worry – YOU can JUST CLICK AGAIN. 😉 Every time you click it, it takes a photo! Go nuts!

No one else does it like we do. Maybe they’re afraid to give you power, afraid of all the possibilities your imagination could create.

YOU are in full control and that’s what makes US unique (just like you!).

And it all begins with the Clicker. And YOU.

(then YOU print the photo strip YOU design and YOU print as many as YOU want.

click here to read more about the next step, our UNLIMITED REPRINTING)

Enjoy some pics of people using our totally unique ClickerBooth.

Not only are you in control the whole time – you’re also joining us in our ongoing effort to help save the planet by going battery free with us! Our clickers use Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction to harvest the kinetic energy generated by the person clicking it, which powers a radio signal to trigger the camera in Robot Booth. AKA, we’re aliens harvesting your human energy to power our Robots so you can have out of this world, guilt free, ecofriendly photos.

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