We have a Prop Stylist on our team dedicated to rescuing unique pieces at vintage shops, thrift stores, and hipster yard sales. Curated to be the best props in the photo booth field, you won’t find a selection as great as ours from any of our competitors.

That’s not all, though. We also have a Prop Creator who makes our unique and signature Celebrity Faces, our chalk boards, and more.

Our Staple Props

Celebrity Masks, Flamingos, Photo Frames, Phones, + Chalk Boards.

How do you select your props?

You can look through our Prop Category On The Blog or our Online Galleries to view many of our props.

You are given a personalized portal after booking where you login and complete our questionnaire with everything we need to know – one of the questions is to list your prop choices. After viewing our blog and online galleries, you simply put your requests there.

atlanta-photo-booth-props-robot-booth-6 CUSTOM PROPS

atlanta-photo-booth-props-robot-booth-3 CUSTOM PROPS

atlanta-photo-booth-props-robot-booth-4 CUSTOM PROPS

atlanta-photo-booth-props-robot-booth-5 CUSTOM PROPS

atlanta-photo-booth-props-robot-booth-1 CUSTOM PROPS

atlanta-photo-booth-props-robot-booth-2 CUSTOM PROPS

atlanta-photo-booth-props-robot-booth-7 CUSTOM PROPS





robot-booth-prop-selection-9-1 CUSTOM PROPS

robot-booth-prop-selection-3-1 CUSTOM PROPS

robot-booth-prop-selection-2-1 CUSTOM PROPS

robot-booth-prop-selection-1-1 CUSTOM PROPS

robot-booth-prop-selection-8-1 CUSTOM PROPS

robot-booth-prop-selection-7-1 CUSTOM PROPS

robot-booth-prop-selection-4-1 CUSTOM PROPS

robot-booth-prop-selection-5-1 CUSTOM PROPS

robot-booth-prop-selection-10-1 CUSTOM PROPS

robot-booth-prop-selection-6-1 CUSTOM PROPS

Disclaimer: We are always making and buying new props to keep up with ever evolving trends and to maintain our uniqueness. Often the props we have when booking us might differ from what we have a year later when we do your event. We do not have feather boas or confetti because venues hate that. We bring most of the props you see in our galleries. Not all of our booths have the same props. Many props get broken and stolen and must be replaced. While each our our booths come with a large assortment of props, it is not possible for us to make promises on particular props. However, we try our hardest to include everything you ask for.