Not only do your guests walk away with their photo strips – the coolest party favors in existence, but so do you! Guests can insert copies of their favorite prints and write messages in a custom guestbook we provide that you get to take home the same day – that means if it’s a wedding then it’s your first official family heirloom! (mind blown at that realization?)

Our guestbooks are custom designed by us and guaranteed perfect for any event.

Tried and tested over several years, we’ve found the right size that works best for your typical event size of up to 200 guests. Reason being, a family of 4 or a friend group of 6 (for example) will put it one photo strip and all sign underneath it – so there won’t be one strip per individual if that makes sense. Any larger and it tends to end up with empty pages since people put in one strip per family/friend group.

Make your experience more memorable!

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