North Carolina Charlotte City Club PhotoBooth – Vanja and Brandon’s Wedding – RobotBooth

Hey there. Guess what! Recently I got to go to Charlotte City Club in North Carolina for Vanja and Brandon’s wedding. It was totally groovy.

Check out the music video and my favorite photos below then click here for free photo downloads! And don’t forget to share them using #Robotbooth and #memoryLane6/6/15.

We were so stoked to be at this wedding with our pals at Six Hearts Photography. Be sure to stay tuned for some of their amazing photos!

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Atlanta SweetWater Brewing Co PhotoBooth – Courtney and Robert’s Wedding – RobotBooth

Heya! ROBOT BOOTH here!

I can still hear wedding bells. I was recently at SweetWater Brewing Co in Atlanta for Courtney and Robert’s Wedding. It was an awesome day and the guest had lots of fun together. I got to capture those moments and if you want to see for yourself CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOADS. And of  course, don’t miss the music video! 

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