Atlanta King Plow Arts Center PhotoBooth – Hope & Todd’s Wedding – RobotBooth

Hope & Todd’s Wedding RobotBooth PhotoBooth!

Hope and Todd were married at the King Plow Arts Center.  RobotBooth was there to capture the excitement, happiness, joy and celebration of this special day!  If you were at the event, make sure you watch the video below…cause it’s so cool, and you look like a total rock-star in it!  Then scroll to the bottom of of page and ‘LIKE’ us to activate link for full access to all the RobotBooth photos and FREE digital downloads to share with everyone!!!

80001 80002 80003 80004 80005 80006 80007 80008 80009 80010 80011 Here It IS!!!….Just Click ‘LIKE’ below to activate this link…then whalah, you have full access to view and download all the Robotbooth photos for FREE to share with all your friends!  Designated Hashtags:  #robotbooth and #wilsonburtnerwedding