Atlanta Ambient + Studios Photo Booth – Panda Wedding – Robot Booth

Hello humans! Robot Booth here, Atlanta’s favorite and best photo booth rental! We’re coming at you with a wedding from several years back (2016!!) that we just can’t believe didn’t hit the blog then.

This couple got married at Ambient + Studios in Atlanta and placed us in our typical set up spot there – the elevator shaft – but put a unique spin on it!

We set up a background from our base package selection and they placed a large moon they made themselves in front of it and had us back Robot Booth up to show the full set up like a photo shoot scene. We are o b s e s s e d! Check out some of our favorite photos from the night below.

Atlanta Trolley Barn Photo Booth – Wedding – Robot Booth

We went out to the Trolley Barn alongside our bffs DJ Cuttlefish from Far Out Galaxy for Maria and Nicholas’ wedding. They went with an all time favorite of ours – our classic white background. Check out some of our fave photos below!

P.S. Our Photo Booth rental, Robot Booth, fits really well downstairs against any wall or in any corner at the Trolley Barn. Call us at 770-876-9248 ext 701 to talk about your event at the Trolley Barn <3