Atlanta Alice Park PhotoBooth – Megan and Josh’s Wedding – RobotBooth

Hey Guys!  So, if you have been following and keeping up with our collective Far Out Galaxy, then you may recognize the couple Megan and Josh Niesse that are featured in this blog.  We actually shot the grooviest engagement session for them.  Follow this LINK to check it out!  Megan and Josh’s ceremony took place at Alice Park located in Carrollton, GA.  This also happened to be the location they shared a first date and kiss!  We were so excited when they asked us to bring The RobotBooth along for the reception.  All of their lovely freinds had a blast celebrating such a special day and were out of this world excited to play in The RobotBooth!  If you were at the wedding of Megan and Josh, make sure you watch the video below!  Then scroll to the bottom of the page and give us a shout out and ‘LIKE’ us.  The link to The RobotBooth photo vault is down there.  You can follow that link to access all The RobotBooth pictures.  Heck, we even give you FREE digital downloads to share!!!  


Megan & Josh's RobotBooth073 Megan & Josh's RobotBooth159 Megan & Josh's RobotBooth180 Megan & Josh's RobotBooth220 Megan & Josh's RobotBooth309 Megan & Josh's RobotBooth371 Megan & Josh's RobotBooth388 Megan & Josh's RobotBooth550

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Atlanta Sonesta Hotel PhotoBooth – Bridal Ball 2014 – RobotBooth

The RobotBooth recently teamed with Wedding One for the lavish one day wedding planning expo Bridal Ball 2014 at the lovely Sonesta Hotel in Atlanta, GA!
If you were at the event make sure you check out the video below. 
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Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80001 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80002 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80003 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80004 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80005 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80006 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80007 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80008 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80009 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80010 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80011 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80012 Hey Guys!  Just ‘LIKE’ us below to activate this link to our RobotBooth photo vault!  You will have total access to all the photos and FREE digital downloads!!!  YAY!

Savannah Georgia State Railroad Museum PhotoBooth- Lane and Rex’s Wedding – RobotBooth

Lane and Rex got married at the Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah, Ga.

You would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful setting.  In this historic coastal city, elegant tradition meets contemporary style.  Majestic oaks drape moss curtains around the city,  mesmerizing and captivating is Savannah, GA.  Sophisticated expectations entwine with famous southern hospitality and eighteenth century architectural gems.

RobotBooth was at this magnificent ceremony to capture the joy of friends and family!

If you were there, make sure you watch the video below, because it is epic, and you are totally in it!

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Lane & Rex's Wedding 80001 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80002 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80003 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80004 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80005 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80006 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80007 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80008 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80009 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80010 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80011

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Atlanta Vinewood Plantation PhotoBooth – Spring Open House 2014 – RobotBooth

Vinewood Plantation Spring Open House 2014

RobotBooth recently joined Vinewood Plantation for their Spring Open House 2014.
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