Video Booth

Atlanta-Video-Booth-Robot-Booth-1 Video Booth

Our Video Booth is made up of only the best components – everything in the Robot Booth plus some.

How does it work? Watch the video above. (with or without volume)

What can you do with it?

You can do a little jig.

You can sing.

You can use it to collect consistent content for your marketing campaign.

You can say what love means to you.

You can get your employees to say why they love working with your company.

You can get shoppers to show what they just bought.

You can say how you met the bride.

You can do whateeevvvvvveerrr you want.

Atlanta-Video-Booth-Robot-Booth-2 Video Booth

Atlanta-Video-Booth-Robot-Booth-3 Video Booth