Working proms since the dawn of their creation, Robot Booth is an experienced prom connoisseur and knows how to make proms out of this world successful.

Here are a few unique things that our Robots and Aliens can do that our human competitors can’t.

We can make your Themed Background – so you don’t have to!

2017 Prom Solutions

It doesn’t matter if your prom theme is a Tropical Paradise, a trip to Hollywood, or a Casino Night – we can transform your idea into reality using Green Screen!

How’s the Hollywood Hills or Red Carpet sound as a choice, or both? You’re only limited by your creativity. You name it we can do it, which means that your students and teachers don’t have to.

Green screen is a Prom game-changer and we’ve got your back.

Click here to learn more about Green Screen.

Want to keep it simple? We can keep this event classic with our Gold or Silver Streamers.


Custom Solutions

We know every human is different. That’s why we created various versions of our Robot Booth to cater to your every want, need, and spontaneous whim.

Although still frame poses are a Prom classic, you might want to create a visual and interactive photo booth experience for your Prom-goers this year.

We’ve got your custom solutions covered:

Gifs are trendy and so are we, introducing Gif Booth!

4 images, 4 poses, 4 graphics, 4 YOU!


Projectors, just like Green Screen, can be practically anything you want. You can project a slideshow of your favorite yearbook photos, the Robot Booth photos in live time, and more.

We know some humans don’t like to dance or have their photo taken, so we’ve come up with an alternative for the quieter ones in the room – projector video games.

TIP: a projector is included in every DJ Cuttlefish package, and we’ll give you $100 off for booking both of us together. Click here to book DJ Cuttlefish AND us.


2017 Prom Solutions

Traditional Photostrips + 4 x 6 Prints

Don’t want the traditional photostrips? Want portrait-sized 4 x 6’s? Want both?

No problem. We can deliver both on the spot!


Floor Length Formals

We can perform traditional floor length portraits without the stuffy traditional photographer. Give your students a Hollywood photoshoot experience with our clicker.

2017 Prom Solutions


Our Robots are Social – just like students!

Our IPad lets you instantly Text, Email, Tweet, and Facebook your photos!

Millennials like to share everything from their breakfast to their prom tickets on social media. They want to express the magnitude of this event in their life that night; it’s just not the same in the morning.

We know how to give ’em what they want: instant gratification. Give your students the power they deserve to instantly share their photos. 

Click here to learn more about our Social Sharing.

TIP: Having a hashtag is crucial in creating buzz online. Talk to your prom committee about designating an official hashtag so everyone can socialize at the event and online. Click here for hashtag tips.

2017 Prom Solutions


Online Downloads Forever. Forevah evah? Forevah evah.

Like memories, we believe in making photos that last a lifetime.

You shouldn’t be limited to physical copies of photos you took on such an important night. What happens if you lose them? Tear them?

Our Robot Booth gives you all of your photos in an online gallery that’s free for you to view and download. This means you’ll be able to download all of your photos, whenever, forever!

Your school also gets a DVD of all the photos so you can make sure every mom gets a Prom photo of their baby.

Click here to learn more about our Online Galleries by Robot Booth.

TIP: There’s no reason to cry over spilled water, especially since our photostrips are water-resistant and we let you print out as many as you want. 😉 that’s called being smart and economical!

2017 Prom Solutions

Are you looking to upgrade your prom experience this year?

Let us know how we can help!

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