5 Wedding Related Events We’ve Been To.

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Robot Booth here! It’s the most romantic time of the year! No, not Valentine’s day. It’s wedding season! This is the time of year where we do more weddings than any other event so what better way to keep love in the air than to share 5 wedding related events we’ve done recently!

The Venue Chattanooga held a Valentine’s Bash that we just had to be a part of! Don’t you just love the hearts in the background? We do those too! The brides and guests who came out really showed how to do group photos in style! We challenge you to see how many people you can fit into one photo with our booths! ūüėČ

5 weddings 2

Crimson Bleu Events had their South Asian Bridal Show this year as well! They built their own setting for their background and you can tell the brides and grooms all had fun with the motor bike.  We strive to make sure your creativity shines!

5 weddings 5

How about a few of our booth in action on the BIG day? Here’s some photos from a wedding we did at The Garden at Great Oaks. These guys loved our props! You can see more of our props here!

weddings 2

Don’t want any decorations for your background? That’s okay too! This bride and groom spiced up their photos with props they brought themselves. We strive to make sure your day is¬†as perfect and unique as you! Wanna see more backgrounds? Click here to see all our colors and options!

wedding 2

We do ALL weddings! No matter your background, your props, or even your package; we are here for YOU! We strive to be the best for every bride and/or groom. Our purpose is to give you the very best photo booth experience, no matter who you are.

weddings 1

Want Robot Booth for your wedding day?¬†Contact us here! We’d love to make your day extra special!

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Atlanta Sonesta Hotel PhotoBooth – Bridal Ball 2014 – RobotBooth

The RobotBooth recently teamed with Wedding One for the lavish one day wedding planning expo Bridal Ball 2014 at the lovely Sonesta Hotel in Atlanta, GA!
If you were at the event make sure you check out the video below. 
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Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80001 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80002 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80003 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80004 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80005 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80006 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80007 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80008 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80009 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80010 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80011 Bridal Ball 2014 - RobotBooth - 80012 Hey Guys! ¬†Just ‘LIKE’ us below to activate this link to our RobotBooth photo vault! ¬†You will have total access to all the photos and FREE digital downloads!!! ¬†YAY!

Dahlongeah Montaluce Winery & Estates PhotoBooth – Jen & Frank’s Big Day! – RobotBooth

Jen and Frank were married on a pretty day this May on the majestic Tuscan style property Monteluce Winery & Estates. ¬†They said “I do” abuts the Etowah River and Chattahoochee National Forest, with sweeping views of the vineyards and the North Georgia Mountains in Dahlongeah, GA.

Lucky for us…they wanted The RobotBooth there!
Watch the video below to see all the love, joy and excitement shared by their family and friends!
Captured by The RobotBooth and set to music!

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80001 80002 80003 80004 80005 80006 80007 80008 80009 80010 80011 80012

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Savannah Georgia State Railroad Museum PhotoBooth- Lane and Rex’s Wedding – RobotBooth

Lane and Rex got married at the Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah, Ga.

You would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful setting.  In this historic coastal city, elegant tradition meets contemporary style.  Majestic oaks drape moss curtains around the city,  mesmerizing and captivating is Savannah, GA.  Sophisticated expectations entwine with famous southern hospitality and eighteenth century architectural gems.

RobotBooth was at this magnificent ceremony to capture the joy of friends and family!

If you were there, make sure you watch the video below, because it is epic, and you are totally in it!

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Lane & Rex's Wedding 80001 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80002 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80003 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80004 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80005 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80006 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80007 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80008 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80009 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80010 Lane & Rex's Wedding 80011

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Atlanta Roswell Mills Ivy Hall PhotoBooth – Luke & Margaret’s Wedding – Robotbooth

4.5.14 Luke & Margaret’s Wedding RobotBooth

RobotBooth was at Roswell Mill Club ~ Ivy Hall for the wedding of Luke & Margaret!
All of their friends and family came together to celebrate and showed lots of love as you can see in the video below!
If you were at this event make sure you watch the video below because you are totally in it! 
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80012 80013 80014 80015 80016 80017 80018 80019 80020 80021 HeY ThErE!!! ¬†So this is gonna be super simple…just click the ‘LIKE’ button below and WHAM you have activated this link to ALLLL the RobotBooth photo’s from this event. ¬†You can check them out and even get FREE digital copies to share with Evvveerryyone! BOOM!