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10 Times Flamingos Took Over RobotBooth – Atlanta Photo Booth – RobotBooth



We have loved our flamingos since day 1. We nurtured them, taught them the ways of our galaxy, and showed them the path to eternal love. Now they have taken over our galaxy, and are quite popular with our aliens and you humans. Enjoy these photos of the flamingo shenanigans that ensued.


1. These lovebirds were caught flirting at Chateau Elan for Jessica and Brent’s wedding planned by Laura Birney events.



2. Leopard Flamingo Princess and a “Happy Wedding” sign for Morey & Jason’s Wedding Celebration. provided the space and pretty pretty custom background.

4-30-16 SB Atlanta PhotoBooth - Morey and Jason's Wedding Celebration - RobotBooth20160430196 (1)


3.  This flamingo transformed into a battle axe at Urban Tree Cidery for their friends, family, and neighbors event! Wow, much talent.

32869 (1)


4. Our flamingos seem to like you humans as well. This gentleman was lucky enough to be the caught in the middle of this flamingo sandwich at the White Oaks Barn Open House in Dahlonega.

2-21-16 SB Atlanta White Oaks Barn PhotoBooth - Open House - RobotBooth20160221161


5. That one time one of our flamingos got a little wild at Modern Luxury Interior’s Design Excellence Awards Gala hosted by ASID.



6. And then later photo-bombed these humans as they were celebrating the Gala at the Fox Theatre

5-12-16 SB Atlanta Fox Theatre PhotoBooth - 36th Annual Design Excellence Awards Gala - RobotBooth20160512199


7.  This flamingo could not help but steal this bride’s spotlight at the Barn at Buffalo Creek. Our apologies to the bride and groom, we will try to keep our flamingos under control.

5-14-16 MO Atlanta The Barn at Buffalo Creek PhotoBooth - Reed Wedding - RobotBooth20160514186 (1)

8.  Sometimes our flamingos like to jump out and scare ya’. Lovely wedding orchestrated by Laura Birney Events at Summerour Studio.

9.  So popular even the celebrity appearances could not get enough of them at Tuyet & Raephael’s wedding at the Wright Farm.

4-24-16-SB Atlanta The Wright Farm PhotoBooth - Tuyet & Raephael's Wedding Day - RobotBooth20160424335


10.  Our creator William, with all of our Flamingo friends in a group hug.


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