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Alien’s Picks: 5 Favorite Backgrounds – Atlanta PhotoBooth – RobotBooth

Hello Humans,

RobotBooth here.

Sometimes picking out the background for your Wedding, Birthday Bash, or Company party may be a bit difficult. I have no preference amongst our colorful friends, I love all the backgrounds equally so I am afraid that I cannot help you decide. Our Aliens, however, have decided to share with you their favorite backgrounds to use for your events!

These are their choices:

1. Mackenzie Collins, a DJ Cuttlefish Disc Jockey, RobotBooth Specialist, and our RobotBooth Post Production Logistics Manager says the 1/4 inch Gold Streamers are her go to. This background will effortlessly brighten up any event! No wonder it is one of our most popularly chosen.
5-28-16 JC Atlanta Cheek Creek Barn PhotoBooth - Katie and Anthony's Wedding - RobotBooth20160528093 (1)

2. James Connelly, our Template Designer for RobotBooth and Lead RobotBooth Specialist, prefers the Corona Blue, a vibrant addition to your event that just might steal the spotlight.

5-1-16 JC Atlanta Georgia State University PhotoBooth - Oh The Places We Went Housing Celebration - RobotBooth20160501140

3.  Mark Owens, one of our newest Aliens and a RobotBooth Specialist, likes a layered look with Navy Blue and 1/4 inch Silver Streamers. This creates the perfect layout for a dramatic look. Plus, you get sparkles!


4. Rachael Goodman, Six Hearts Photographer, Editor for Six Hearts, and RobotBooth Specialist, prefers a more classic look. She also adores the 1/4 inch Streamers, especially mingling the Gold and Silver Streamers in front of a Black backdrop. This background provides a timeless appeal that your guests will love.

1-4-16 JC Atlanta Local Three Kitchen & Bar PhotoBooth - Unsukay's Holiday Party - RobotBooth20160104015

5. Sasha Bell, an Account Executive and RobotBooth Specialist, says her favorite background is the Silver Damask, a unique background that we provide upon special request. She loves it for its regality and elegance. It makes her feel as though she is looking at the wallpaper of an luxurious mansion. You and your guests will feel and look like royalty in our photos.

4-24-16-SB Atlanta The Wright Farm PhotoBooth - Tuyet & Raephael's Wedding Day - RobotBooth20160424016

I hope this has been a helpful and colorful break for your Thursday. Happy Planning, Humans.

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