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Alien’s Picks: 4 Favorite Backgrounds

schellie aliens picks
Hello, Humans. RobotBooth reporting. We are starting a new regular for our blog: Alien’s Picks. Kinda like “Editor’s Picks”.
We have selected Alien Schellie to share her current favorite backgrounds. Below are the 4 she chose.

1. Lace layered over Dark Pink

9-6-15 MC Atlanta The Barn at Sierra Springs  PhotoBooth - Webb Wedding - RobotBooth20150906_396
2. .25 Inch Silver Streamers layered over Turquoise

9-26-15 SG Atlanta PhotoBooth - Wade's Bat Mitzvah Party - RobotBooth20150926_0194 3. White

9-19-15 JC Atlanta SweetWater Brewery  PhotoBooth - Emma & Jonathan's Wedding - RobotBooth20150919_038
4. Lace layered over Sky Blue

9-12-15 JM Atlanta The Wheeler House PhotoBooth - Lauren and Matt's Wedding - RobotBooth20150913_496

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