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5 Times Schelliam Rocked the RobotBooth – Atlanta PhotoBooth – RobotBooth

Hello Humans,

RobotBooth here.

You may know by now that our creator William and the love of his life Schellie, reign over our entire Galaxy. They have raised me and all of my RobotBooth friends with the mission to capture, print, and share the emotion you humans call love. Schellie and William, Queen and King of our Galaxy, also go by another name : Schelliam.

We adore Schelliam because they created us and taught us the ways of you humans. So here is a treat for Schelliam from us: here are 5 times that we (the RobotBooth collective) think Schellie and William rocked our world.

1. Schelliam dancing at Wedding Wire’s Networking Night hosted by the Grand Hyatt Buckehead Atlanta. How cute.


2. Schellie showing off her intergalactic side in an alien shirt, Six Hearts UFO, and galaxy skirt. Much wow. Thank you for letting us get weird with ya at this year’s Lovesick Expo by Offbeat Bride.

1-31-16 TB Atlanta PhotoBooth - Lovesick Expo - Off Beat Bride - RobotBooth20160131_259

3. William killing it on the guitar at Marvel’s Ant Man Wrap Party designed by the funky shack at Zac Brown Band’s Warehouse. Paul Rudd was there, and he thinks that William is a genius. How cool is that?


4. Schellie playing peek-a-boo with me, RobotBooth, at Ventana’s Night Tour.


5. Schelliam are in heart with each other. We are in heart with them too, and enjoyed being at the FOG Company retreat at Pigeon Forge last year.

12-13-15 Peigon Forge PhotoBooth - FOG Company Retreat 2015 - RobotBooth201512161281

Until next time!