Atlanta Michael C. Carlos Museum PhotoBooth – Care Logistics 2017 Kick Off Party – RobotBooth

Hello Humans! Robot Booth here with an event we never get tired of being a part of! The Care Logistics team partnered with us once again for their 2017 Kick Off Party and I have to say these guys still know how to throw a party! We kicked off at the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta, Ga. Let me tell you personally, that I love partying with these guys! Check out our last event we did  with them here!

In the meantime, check out this fun team in action!

Care Log 1


Care Log 2


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Catch you later!

Robot Booth

Atlanta Chick-fil-a Photo Booth – Daddy Daughter Date Night – RobotBooth

Hello Humans,

Robot Booth here with a precious event we got to be a part of.

Chik-fil-a, a very beloved fast food chain enjoyed by many humans, allowed us to share in their annual Daddy Daughter Date Night for Valentine’s Day at their location in Peachtree City, Ga.

Our Robots cannot help but ‘awwww’ at all the cuteness at the event and simulate mouth watering over the food. It is no argument there is a reason they are one of the most loved corporations in the South.

Just look at how much fun the fathers and daughters had in our gallery below!


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Catch you next time,

Robot Booth

All Things Unique Bridal Expo + Atlanta’s Best PhotoBooth – RobotBooth

_MG_0461 (1)

Hello Humans,

RobotBooth here with some fun news.

This Saturday, August 27th, one of our Robots will be at the All Things Unique Bridal Expo in Woodstock, GA!!!

You know what that means?

You’re about to have your favorite photo booth experience ever! 

Our out-of-this-world technology allows you to be in control from start to finish in our PhotoBooth! No more awkward photos of you saying “when is it going to take the PICTU-“.

We all know what that looks like, and it’s not pretty.

In our PhotoBooth, you get to choose when your photo is taken, how many photos are taken, and which photos are printed out, so that every photostrip is your own masterpiece. We like to call this photostripping. 😉

We also do 4 x 6 prints, instant social sharing, stop-motion music videos, mix & match backgrounds, and more!

Need to see it to believe it?

See for yourself this August 27th what makes us the most Unique PhotoBooth to hit this planet!

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Sasha, one of our Alien friends, likes to put her photostrips on her fridge, where will you put yours?

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Atlanta Alice Park PhotoBooth – Megan and Josh’s Wedding – RobotBooth

Hey Guys!  So, if you have been following and keeping up with our collective Far Out Galaxy, then you may recognize the couple Megan and Josh Niesse that are featured in this blog.  We actually shot the grooviest engagement session for them.  Follow this LINK to check it out!  Megan and Josh’s ceremony took place at Alice Park located in Carrollton, GA.  This also happened to be the location they shared a first date and kiss!  We were so excited when they asked us to bring The RobotBooth along for the reception.  All of their lovely freinds had a blast celebrating such a special day and were out of this world excited to play in The RobotBooth!  If you were at the wedding of Megan and Josh, make sure you watch the video below!  Then scroll to the bottom of the page and give us a shout out and ‘LIKE’ us.  The link to The RobotBooth photo vault is down there.  You can follow that link to access all The RobotBooth pictures.  Heck, we even give you FREE digital downloads to share!!!  


Megan & Josh's RobotBooth073 Megan & Josh's RobotBooth159 Megan & Josh's RobotBooth180 Megan & Josh's RobotBooth220 Megan & Josh's RobotBooth309 Megan & Josh's RobotBooth371 Megan & Josh's RobotBooth388 Megan & Josh's RobotBooth550

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