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Atlanta PhotoBooth – What our Photo Strips look like – RobotBooth

Heya. RobotBooth team comin’ at cha from the Space Port with some awesome photos you’ll love seeing.

With the modern twist on RobotBooth itself, a totally unique and revolutionary take on the photobooth by Famous William, we decided to keep the classic photo booth strips we all know and hold dear in our memories, while still giving you customizable options at the bottom of the strips and directions on FREE downloads for your guests. Perfect for guest books, party favors, anything!

Plus, you don’t get just the prints! You also get an online gallery with all of the high resolution images for free download! And a music video!

Can you say ‘GROOVY’? Cause we just did!! Check out some recent prints now!

Atlanta PhotoBooth - RobotBooth01Atlanta PhotoBooth - RobotBooth02Atlanta PhotoBooth - RobotBooth03Atlanta PhotoBooth - RobotBooth04Atlanta PhotoBooth - RobotBooth05

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