Athens Woodford Bar Photo Booth – UGA Sigma Delta Tau Semi Formal – Robot Booth

Hello Humans,

Robot Booth here with a dope event we went to awhile ago at the Woodford Bar in Athens.

Sigma Delta Tau¬†of UGA heard about our roaring reviews and invited our Robots to be at their Semi Formal. We’re not lion when we say our Robots and Aliens loved being a part of this cool event. Don’t you love the super classy background they chose for their event? Solid black layered with our sparkly silver streamers gives this semi formal the red-carpet look they were going for.

Check out their photos below and find out how you can get a photo with your mane squeeze in our Robot Booth (see what we did there?).

sdt-full-no-tag-400x150 14566643_145659109250240_882106314602315776_n sdt-full-no-tag-400x150 athena-woodford-bar-photo-booth-uga-sigma-delta-tau-semi-formal-robot-booth-3

athena-woodford-bar-photo-booth-uga-sigma-delta-tau-semi-formal-robot-booth sdt-full-no-tag-400x150 athena-woodford-bar-photo-booth-uga-sigma-delta-tau-semi-formal-robot-booth-4 sdt-full-no-tag-400x150 athena-woodford-bar-photo-booth-uga-sigma-delta-tau-semi-formal-robot-booth-2

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See you next time,

Robot Booth


Atlanta The Painted Pin Photo Booth – Robot Booth

Heya Humans!

Robot Booth here with a fun event we got to be a part of recently.

Our team at Far Out Galaxy loves a good bowling alley. We believe in the power of a glorious strike, do you?

Our Robots were so stoked when The Painted Pin invited us to their team member party, because this kind of thing is right up our alley. ūüėČ Trust us, you’ve never been to a bowling alley like this. The Painted Pin offers all members of the human race with an upscale boutique bar atmosphere. Did we mention that you can also play skee ball, ping pong, darts, southern skittles, table shuffleboard and more? Where else can you go to eat, drink, bowl, hear live music, and lounge on custom Chesterfield couches?

This groovy group chose our classic white background for their photos – so Hollywood. We love seeing what background suits your style, theme, or personality ūüėČ which one will you choose?

Check out their photos below, if you’ve got some time to spare.

atlanta-the-painted-pin-photobooth-robotbooth redstampshield atlanta-the-painted-pin-photobooth-robotbooth-1 redstampshield atlanta-the-painted-pin-photobooth-robotbooth-2
atlanta-the-painted-pin-photobooth-robotbooth-3 redstampshield

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This is how we roll – See ya next time,

Robot Booth



Atlanta Ambient + Studio Photo Booth – Meghan & Andrew’s Wedding – Robot Booth

Hello Humans,

Robot Booth here reminiscing on a wedding one of our Robots attended at this past year. 2016 has been a great year for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, reunions, parties, and holidays. Our Robots hope your 2016 was as dazzling as ours, and your 2017 bring you as many reasons to celebrate!

Meghan and Andrew are a fun, cool, and friendly couple who know how to throw a stylish party. ¬†So naturally, they invited us! Greenery, white drapes, succulents, chinese takeout appetizers, and a photo booth? Doesn’t this sound like the kind of fun-loving wedding¬†you wouldn’t miss for the world? And did we mention there was lots of dancing going on?

Check out our photos of this chic wedding scene at and see their Robot Booth photos below!







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Until Next Time,

Robot Booth

Atlanta Alexan Vinings Clubroom PhotoBooth – Trammell Crow Residential Party – Robot Booth

Hello Humans,

Robot Booth here with a special event for¬†Trammell Crow Residential¬†(TCR) at Alexan Vinings Clubroom, one of TCR’s active locations in Atlanta!

Trammell Crow Residential is a¬†premier multifamily real estate company that has placed extreme value on quality for over 35 years. They’re the only national group with this much experience, and we think that makes them pretty cool.

Do you know who else make quality the number one priority in their everyday lives? Our Robots of course. Designed and trained at Far Out Galaxy, our Robots were sculpted to provide you humans with the best quality photos, music videos, photostrips, guestbooks, backgrounds and more.

We think this makes us a perfect match for a partnership with TCR. Don’t believe us? Check out their photos below and see for yourself!








Tune in next week for more events like this,

Robot Booth

Atlanta W Hotel PhotoBooth – Annual TekStream Party – RobotBooth

Hello Humans,

Robot Booth here with another awesome event at the W Midtown Atlanta Hotel!

TekStream, an Oracle Gold partner, brings business and technology together by providing organizations with business consulting, enterprise social networking and collaboration solutions as well as IT solutions and recruitment, to drive innovation and development within your corporation!

Who doesn’t love¬†doing good business? TekStream asked one of our Robots¬†to be a part of their annual company event because they know a good deal when they see one, and they’ve heard we’re the life of any good party. ūüėČ

Check out their chic photos below!

15624462_1183607688360817_5652204990492573696_n newlogo atlanta-w-hotel-photobooth-6th-annual-tekstream-party-robotbooth-1 newlogo atlanta-w-hotel-photobooth-6th-annual-tekstream-party-robotbooth-4
atlanta-w-hotel-photobooth-6th-annual-tekstream-party-robotbooth-3 newlogo atlanta-w-hotel-photobooth-6th-annual-tekstream-party-robotbooth-2

Catch ya later,

Robot Booth