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Atlanta Magnolia Hall Piedmont Park Wedding Photo Booth – Ultimate Same Sex Wedding Experience – RobotBooth

Hey there, peeps! RobotBooth here, the grooviest Robot to hit this planet. We had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the first ever Ultimate Same Sex Wedding Experience Expo at Magnolia Hall in Piedmont Park in Atlanta. My pals Six Hearts and Dj Cuttlefish from Far Out Galaxy were part of the day too. They gave away a wedding to a same sex couple, Jessica and Ashton, and we all participated! Needless to say, it was a blast. Click here to view the sneak peek post by Six Hearts Photography, Check out some of the photos and the music video below then download yours for free by clicking through at the bottom of  this post. 

AUTHENTIC ITALIAN4611216ultimate same sex wedding expo 1ultimate same sex wedding expo 2@ROBOT4613254CLICK HERE FOR FREE PHOTO DOWNLOADS