Event Photo Booth

I want a photo booth at my Atlanta event but I have a few questions.

Q. How is your photo booth different?
A. We use custom designed software that allows you to take your photos yourself and then print whichever ones you like yourself.
Click here to learn more about Part 1, our Clickers, then
Click here to learn about Part 2, our Unlimited Reprinting.

Q. How much space does the booth take up?
A. Our Booth needs 8×8 ft of space, about the area of a table you’d set at your event. The Robot Booth itself only takes up about 2×2 ft of space but once you factor in the background, the space for people to stand, and the table for props and your guestbook, it’s right around 8×8.

Q. Do you provide the props and the background?
A. Yes, of course! See our props here and our backgrounds here.

Q. How do I select my background and props?
A. You explore our props and backgrounds pages and let us know your final selection in your questionnaire that is mailed to you at booking time. We ask for your questionnaire to be completed 1-2 weeks before your event. Don’t worry, we send reminders.

Q. I don’t know the exact number of hours we need you for our party yet. How do the hours work?
A. All of our bookings are Unlimited Time which means we don’t leave until your party is over. (up to 12 hours of consecutive time)

Q. How early do you arrive to set up?
A. We arrive around 2 hours before performance time to ensure for a perfect performance.

Q. How many people can fit in the booth?
A. It depends on how creative you are. 😉

Q. How big are the photo strips?
A. Our photo strips are 2×6. We also offer 4×6 prints as an add on. Which do you want? Or both?

Q. How many prints do we get?
A. All of our bookings are Unlimited Prints, which really means unlimited. Your guests can print up to 10 photo strip prints at once with our software and our attendant is present to ask them to leave you a copy. Click here to learn more.

Q. What about lighting? Do we need to put the booth somewhere well lit in our venue?
A. Our Booth is equipped with everything needed to run a successful photo booth, including the best lighting.

Q. Are the photo taking and the printing station separate?
A. Yes, you can have guests taking photos and printing photos at separate stations at the same time so there are no backed up lines!

Q. How soon do we get our online gallery and how do we download them?
A. Each of our images are edited and we ask that you give our Editor 1-2 weeks to get your gallery online. Click here to learn more about our online galleries and how to find your photos and download them.