Atlanta Loews Photo Booth – SecureWorks Global Sales Kick Off – Robot Booth

Hello Humans!

Robot Booth here with a stellar event for you! SecureWorks partnered with us for their Global Kick off party at the Atlanta Loews Hotel. These men and women are one of the global leaders in network security against cyber threats. Not only are they Grade A at their job, they are also excellent party people!

They had members from all over the globe! It only made sense for them to add on social sharing. They not only had THREE iPads for social sharing, but they also used our GIF Booth!

We were even asked to have a projector slideshow to show off their awesome team at our booth taking fun photos!

For extra excitement, they had drinks served Lady Gaga style with the drinks in their skirts!

We could go on forever about how awesome these people are, but the proof is in the pictures!

atlanta photo booth - robot booth

securewoks 1

securewoks 2

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Until next time!

Robot Booth

Atlanta University of Georgia Photo Booth – AASA Lunars 2017 – Robot Booth

Salutations Humans!

Robot Booth back with a magical event for you all!

The Asian American Student Association invited us to their Lunar New Years party at UGA’s Student Center Tate Grand Hall, and what a blast it was! For those who aren’t aware, it is officially the Year of the Rooster in the Chinese New Year calendar. No signs of cockiness here folks, just a bunch of people coming together to celebrate!

Our gold sequins as the background perfectly match the glitter of fireworks that cover the skies all over the world for this day!

Fun Fact: China isn’t the only country that celebrates the Lunar New Year. Korea also celebrates a Lunar New Year too!

Check out our custom backgrounds here for more!

Lunar 1

Lunar 2


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Until next time,

Robot Booth



Atlanta Westin PhotoBooth – Company Party – RobotBooth

Hello Humans,

Robot Booth back with a great company event.

Atlanta Westin Buckhead invited us to one of their annual company parties and what a blast they are to party with! We love working with them so much, it’s no surprise it’s not our first party with them. Who says you can’t be all business and be a little goofy too?

Don’t believe us? Check out the fun photos below!
westin 1

westin 2

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Catch you guys later,

Robot Booth


Atlanta RaceTrac Test Kitchen PhotoBooth – RobotBooth

Greetings Humans!

Robot Booth back with a delicious treat for you all! We got to partner up with the RaceTrac team for the celebration of their Test Kitchen! Though robots don’t have taste buds, we are certain you would love their treats and made to order selections! You heard us right. Made to order!

If you weren’t aware, their test kitchen is where they sell and produce all the food that eventually makes it’s way to a RaceTrac near you so you only get the best and most requested items freshly made. Even the chips are personally branded! We highly recommend the SrirHOTcha chips for those who like a spicy zing to their snacks.

Check out the team and several food selections below!

racetrac 1

racetrac 2

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Catch you next time!

Robot Booth