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Atlanta RaceTrac Test Kitchen PhotoBooth – RobotBooth

Greetings Humans!

Robot Booth back with a delicious treat for you all! We got to partner up with the RaceTrac team for the celebration of their Test Kitchen! Though robots don’t have taste buds, we are certain you would love their treats and made to order selections! You heard us right. Made to order!

If you weren’t aware, their test kitchen is where they sell and produce all the food that eventually makes it’s way to a RaceTrac near you so you only get the best and most requested items freshly made. Even the chips are personally branded! We highly recommend the SrirHOTcha chips for those who like a spicy zing to their snacks.

Check out the team and several food selections below!

racetrac 1

racetrac 2

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Catch you next time!

Robot Booth