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Roswell – Calvin and Courtney’s Wedding – RobotBooth – Roswell Historic Cottage – 3-29

   Calvin and Courtney’s Wedding 3.29.14

RobotBooth  made his way to the beautiful Roswell Historic Cottage for Calvin & Courtney’s Wedding.  Recently we teamed with the fabulous Porsha Stewart star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta for her Enchanted Brides Donation Giveaway! Porsha donated her wedding dress to one special bride for her to wear on her special day.  We were so pleased to donate RobotBooth for such a great cause.  The beautiful bride Courtney was the winner, and it was an enchanting day.  The RobotBooth captured the love and celebration of family and friends!  You must watch this video below, looks like Calvin and Courtney both found a “treasure” in each-other!
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Calvin & Courtney 80001Calvin & Courtney 80002Calvin & Courtney 80003Calvin & Courtney 80004Calvin & Courtney 80005Calvin & Courtney 80006Calvin & Courtney 80007Calvin & Courtney 80008Calvin & Courtney 80009Calvin & Courtney 80010Calvin & Courtney 80011Calvin & Courtney 80012We Make This Super Easy For You Guys…Just Click ‘LIKE’ below to activate this link!  Then you can access ALL the RobotBooth photos from the event and get your totally FREE downloads to share with all your social media friends!!  Designated hastags are #RobotBooth and #CalvinandCourtney